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New beginnings

This is what they meant…

… when they said “that pregnancy glow”.

Although I make it my personal mission to make every mama-to-be look and feel their best during our shoot, some need very little help in that department. See more of this shoot on my FB page.

Hope you’re having a sunshiny Saturday, just like I am!


Mother’s Day

Last year on Mother’s Day, I was eight months pregnant and anxiously awaiting the arrival of my little one. Seeing Lauren this year on Mother’s Day brought back some pleasant memories of pregnancy. I only wished I had looked this good at the end of my pregnancy.

Like Lauren, I carried a mixed-race child. I had resigned myself to the fact that my baby would most likely resemble my darker-skinned husband more than me. So imagine my surprise when this child emerged barely a shade darker than me, with the same almond shaped-eyes that have (although they are nearly black), soft wavy hair, with my husband’s full lips, broad shoulders and large hands and feet. He had features that captured both of us, and as I stared at him, I thought: ‘I couldn’t have designed a more beautiful baby if I had tried.’

This week, he turns 11 months and my husband is threatening to disown him if he doesn’t darken up a bit this summer. Most people recognize that he is mixed race, but what that mix is, they usually can’t tell, unless of course my husband is standing with us.

It’s been a challenge trying to be mindful of our diverse heritage while raising my son. Being a French-Canadian in Toronto is almost equivalent to being a Caribbean-born person in terms of minority population. Still, I’m proud to say that he is blessed with family on both sides who are active in his life and will help him reconcile the two.

Motherhood has been an amazing and incredible journey so far. My son makes me laugh everyday, which is a good thing, because he also tests the limits of my patience and sanity! Still, I wouldn’t trade a minute of the last 11 months for anything, the good, the bad, the laughing, the crying, it’s all part of a journey that I share with all other moms. Welcome to the club Lauren!

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Cheeky monkey

Check out the tongue on this little guy, it really made me laugh!

He was all smiles for the camera.

Time after time

One of the best compliments a client can pay me is to return to their home a few months after their original shoot to do some more images of their little one.

When babies are this young, every parent wants to capture their precious moments on a regular basis. This shoot is a three-month-old girl, who I also captured as a newborn.

For more information on milestone moments, see my pricing page.  You can save by investing in a longterm package that will see you through your little one’s first year.

New fathers

Is there anything as amazing as the bond between a father and his new baby? I always love the look of wonderment and awe, and just complete and utter love that dads have when they gaze upon their little ones.

A peek into my world

I’m always sharing the great photos that I’ve taken of other people and their families.

Today, I thought I’d feature a small selection of the pictures I’ve taken lately of my son Xander. He’s approaching his 9 month birthday and is really as much of a handful as he appears to be.

But this thing called motherhood is a wild and crazy ride, and I’m so glad to have photos that remind me of all the little bumps along the way!

Climbing the stairs

First time playing in the snow

A self-portrait on Valentine's Day

Being a mom is the best job in the world, but being a photographer is a pretty close second.

Home sweet home


Happily family

Once you get to take your baby home, the fun begins. Even though you’re exhausted from ’round the clock feedings and diaper changes, you can’t help but stare at them while they sleep.

It’s a pretty incredible feeling. One that you’ll want to remember forever.


So peaceful


Welcome home wee one