Carrie Duncan Photography's day-to-day blog

Behind the lens

If I had listened carefully, I would have heard the urgings of fate (not to mention, many friends and family members) to pursue photography long before now. But maybe my decade as a journalist was what I needed to pull me out of my shell and be willing to put myself and my art for public consumption.

How many self-proclaimed “photojournalists” can claim a decade in the trenches of community journalism? This girl, right here!  I like to capture people in their own environment, so my work is done on-location. I work primarily in the Greater Toronto Area, but I am willing to travel. I grew up in Sudbury, ON. But I’m proud to call Etobicoke my home.

In photography, there’ s a term for entrepreneurs like me, they’re called MWAC’s (pronounced ehm-whack) Mom With A Camera. Yes, I’m a mom, but it doesn’t make me any less passionate about photography, in fact, it makes me more willing to push myself in a creative direction that fulfills me. You see, if I’m going to spend any time away from my son, I want to be doing something that makes it worth my while.

I’m honoured to bear witness to your most amazing life moments. Please feel free to contact me if you enjoy the images you see on these pages.



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